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Sulkava Rowing Race

Sulkavan Soudut

Sulkava is a municipality of Finland neighboring Juva and Savonlinna in Eastern Savo with a population of roughy 3000. Sulkava is best known from it's annual event Sulkava Rowing Races, which is held on the 9.-12. of July this year. Read more from http://www.suursoudut.net/eng/default.asp.



Linnavuori is on the coast of Pisamalahti, and is known as one of the most valuable ancient castles in Finland. On the top of Linnavuori one can find the remains of an 10th century defensive wall. Linnanvuori rises to 55 metres off Enonvesi.

Sulkava Church

Sulkavan kirkko

Sulkava Church is a crosschurch built in 1822. The interior is bright and simplified. As a speciality the church has a Cantor's chair on the right of the altar as well as a pulpit. The location of the church originates from the 1500th century, and can be seen from the burial chamber of the Pistolekors family in the yard. The beautiful bell tower is from 1770 and the oldest building in Sulkava as far as is known. Read more at www.sulkavanseurakunta.fi.

Lohikoski Church

Lohikosken kirkko

The other church in Sulkava is the Lohikoski church, built in 1934 in the village of Lohikoski. The church and the village center near the Imatra road are fascinating locations with beaches and village markets.

Nature's beautiful eskers and bodies of water

Vilkaharju is a beautiful, 4 kilometers long ridge between bodies of water about 5 kilometers from the center of the municipality towards Imatra. The ridge has been compared to Punkaharju in it's beauty.

In the village of Auvila on Partalansaari resides Sarsuinmäki artillery battery, which is a part of the Salpa bunker line built after the winter war. The canal of Telataipale is one of Suvorov's military canals, which are the oldest canals in Finland.



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