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Miettilä Creamery  is located in Rahkola, Sulkava on the Miettilä farm, roughly30km west from Savonlinna. The entrepreneur of the creamery is Osmo Miettinen.

The production of Juustoleipä in Miettilä began in 1994 almost by accident. At that time the farm had cows and the milk quotas were repeatedly exceeded. The surplus milk had to be used somehow, so the production and refinement of juustoleipä started as a side business.

The farm's livestock was let go in 2001, and after that the milk needed for cheese production has come straight from farms in Sulkava as unprocessed cow's milk, which is brought to the creamery by Valio's milk trucks. Currently 60 000 kg of cheese is produced yearly and shipped to almost 120 stores in the eastern Finland area.

Production of Juustoleipä

Miettilän Juustola

Miettilän Juustola

Miettilän Juustola

Miettilän Juustola

The production of cheese begins by pumping the milk into high boilers and adding salt. The milk is heated to approximately 37 degrees. The heating of the milk is followed and the milk is stirred from time to time. Rennet is added to the milk and the cheese is precipitated. The precipitated milk is cut to squares using a cutting wire.

The cut milk mass is mixed into roughly 1 cm pieces after some time. The mass is left in the boiler for a moment after the mixing to allow the whey to surface, after which the whey is poured out. The cheese mass is gathered onto a pan and pressed into an even disc.

The cheese discs are put into the oven to bake. As the first side is done, the cheese is flipped onto another pan and baked from the other side. After the cheese is baked, the discs are moved to be cooled. After this initial cooling the cheese is wrapped in a film and moved to a freezer in stacks.

The cheese is taken to packing, where the cheese is cut into variable sizes depending on the requirements. The pieces are placed in vacuum cheese bags. After packing the cheeses are priced and they are ready to be shipped to the stores.


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